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At Mill Creek, we have taken the very best of centuries-old woodworking and joinery and combined it with state-of-the-art modern technology to create timber frame homes and buildings that will stand for centuries. Inspired by the country homes and barns of yesterday, a Mill Creek home combines thoughtful design and craftsmanship while maintaining old world charm and style.

There's no mistaking the artistry of a finely crafted post and beam home. There's a certain feel, a distinct sense of character, an inner strength to match the outer beauty. Dramatic vaulted ceilings, traditional wooden joinery, massive timbers, gracefully curved braces, the warmth of wood. What could be more natural, more timeless?

At Mill Creek, we provide a variety of services and products. With varied materials, we create timeless works that demonstrate our commitment to quality and craftsmanship in both design and construction.

Your Mill Creek design says a lot about you: your respect for nature, your respect for the ones you share your life with and your respect for a level of craftsmanship rarely found today.

Your Mill Creek design also says a lot about us. It is our pledge to make the experience of creating your design one that surpasses all your expectations.

Start Planning Today

We look forward to discussing your vision of natural living in a timber frame home. Take some time to browse the site, request a brochure, and contact one of our design professionals to take you through the process of making real the home you've always imagined.

Your Mill Creek Post & Beam home begins with relaxed and informative conversation. Our design consultants will help you get acquainted with timber frame design, while we learn exactly what you desire in your dream home.

Feel free to Click here to take a look inside our Portfolio. Browse from the quaintest of cottages to community clubhouses. There's no limit to your timber frame dream. Call (828) 749-8000 or click here to begin the process of making your timber frame home come to life.

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